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Notary Public and Document Legalisation Services South Africa

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How to order our services.

Just 3 steps to follow! 1 Print and complete the order form. (If you need any assistance with this, please contact us for help). 2 Courier, Postnet or hand deliver your original certificate/s to us with the completed order form. Let us know if you want the original document certified or if you would prefer we make a notarised copy. 3 Your certificate will be checked, notarised by our notary public. The apostille certificate is issued in just 1 to 2 days. We offer comprehensive legalisation for degree certificates and almost any other qualification. If you have more than one document or want to include your transcript we can bind documents into sets to save you money. You can also arrange for your application or admittance signed and attested in front of our notary as required by many institutions overseas especially in the medical field. Contact us to discuss you specific apostille needs or to get a no-obligation quotation...


Providing notary, apostille, authentication and legalisation services for all South-African documents at a reasonable fee structure. We aim to process most documents in just 24 hours making our service exceptional value for a quick legalisation service. The apostille legalisation certificate can be attached to nearly all South-African documents that need to be used in another country, which country is also a signatory to the Apostille Convention (Hague Convention) for official purposes.


The following countries are not signatories to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. South-African documents that needs to be legalised for ultimate use in these countries needs to follow the authentication legalisation process. This is a longer more involved process than the truncated apostille legalisation process. Depending on the destination country the documents needs to be additionally legalised at the embassy or consulate of the foreign country in South-Africa.

Embassy Legalisation

Legalising documents with most embassies is a time consuming and confusing the process. Researching the subject alone can take hours before you even begin stumbling through the various steps required. Knowledge of each embassy document legalisation rules and regulations; submission procedures and payment requirements ensures that we avoid delays and the inconvenience and cost implications of rejected documents.

Notary Services

Notary Public services for businesses and corporates in South Africa Notary services for Businesses and Individuals in South Africa. We provide the following services: Notarising the execution of Powers of Attorney on behalf of a company, or other trading medium; Notarising; Providing Certified Copies of Company Resolutions, Minutes, Reports and other Company Documents; Certified copies of company resolutions, minutes, and reports etc


List of documents we frequently legalise

Virtually any public document can be legalised by an Apostille Certificate. Here is a list of Popular South-African Public Documents that is Apostilled: Consent letter for children to travel or visit overseas; Powers of Attorney; University, School degrees, certificates and transcripts, Notarial copies of documents certified by a Notary Public; Doctor and Dentist applications for overseas appointments;Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates; Change of Name, Marital status documents; Land Transfer documents;Certificate of Incorporation of South-African Company;Notarised copy of Passport, Drivers Licence and other identity documents;Divorce Decree issued by the Court; Police Clearance Certificate issued by South-African Police Services; Miscellaneous notarised documents for use overseas. The list is not exhaustive.


Academic Qualifications

Legalising South-African Academic Credentials, Certificates, Degrees, Diplomas, Academic Transcripts and School records for use outside the borders of South-Africa. South-African Academic Credentials intended for use in another country must be "Appostilled", "authenticated" or "legalized" in order to be recognized as valid in the foreign country. The number and type of authentication certificates you will need depend on the nature of the document and whether or not the foreign country is a party to the multilateral treaty on "legalization" of documents. We provide authentication (legalisation) services on Educational documents that will be used in foreign countries which service could inter alia include: Obtain Department of education certification of the tertiary institution; Notarisation of certificates; Obtain Apostilles for documents intended for use in the Hague Convention countries; Obtain certification for non Hague Convention countries (Department of Foreign Affairs); Embassy (Consulate) legalisation.


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Matric Certificates

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School Records

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Obtain Police Clearance

Police Clearance Certficates

A police clearance certificate is in essence your criminal record or to be more precise the declaration of the absence of a criminal record in South-Africa. The certificate is issued by the Criminal Record Center of the South African Police Services This certificate is widely known as a Police Clearance Certificate, Police Clearance, Criminal Record, Arrest Record, Criminal Record, Certificate of Good Conduct (Click Here for a list). Our Process - Get Started The applicant must provide a full set of their fingerprints

Notary Services

Apostille Certificate Services

Document Authentication Services (No Hague Countries)

Embassy Attestation Services

  • Apostille Academic Qualifications
  • Apostille Birth Certificates
  • Apostille Death Certificate
  • Apostille Divorce Order
  • Apostille Incorporation Documents
  • Apostille Letter of No Impediment
  • Apostille Marriage Certificate
  • Apostille Notarised Copies
  • Apostille Police Clearance Certificate
  • Rule 63
  • Authenticate Birthe Certificates
  • Authenyticate Death Certificate
  • Authenticate Death Certificate
  • Authenticate Academic Qualifications
  • Angola Embassy Attestation
  • Chinese Embassy Attestation
  • Egypt Embassy Attestation
  • Mozambique Embassy Attestation
  • Saudi Embassy Attestation
  • UAE Embassy Attestation

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