Legalisation of South-African Marriage Certificates for foreign use

Marriage certificates often need to be legalised for international use. Many authorities abroad request a marriage certificate be provided with the apostille as proof of marriage.


If you are travelling with a spouse to another country you may need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate. This is common when one partner has been offered a job and the spouse needs a visa to enter the country. You should also check if the certificate needs to be apostilled or authenticated (attested) at the embassy.


You will also need the marriage certificate to be legalised by means of an apostille certificate or authentication process on a marriage certificate for a previously dissolved marriage. Even though you are now divorced they may need to see documents to confirm your status.


We can also arrange for replacement South-African marriage certificates to be issued if the original is not available or you prefer to keep the original in your safe possession we can also make an notarised copy. If this is required please contact us for further information.


Our apostille service simplifies the legalisation of documents. Contact one of our advisors for advice on getting your documents legalised quickly.


If you are not sure how to complete the order form or need any advice on additional service do not hesitate to contact us  for free advice.

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