South-African Replacement Certificate or Document Ordering Service

The apostille can be issued on original or replacement documents. We often hear from clients who would like our assistance in obtaining replacement documents. Whether you would like to keep the original documents in your safe possession or simply for convenience our knowledgeable team are at hand to assist with obtaining your documents in an efficient manner.




Here are just some of the reasons why our replacement service may be ideal for you


  • Lost or damaged documents – It is not uncommon for registry documents to be lost or misplaced. H
  • Overseas customers – Ordering replacement documents can be inconvenient if you are working overseas, based outside of South-Africa.
  • Older documents – You may have been asked to acquire an Apostille for your document. As part of the Apostille process the department of foreign affairs will verify the signatory of this document. Occasionally this is not always possible as the applicable functionary's details are no longer on record. If such a situation was to arise then ordering a replacement document would ensure that you could have this issued with the Apostille or authentication certificate.


Order your document.


Call or email use today to discuss getting your replacement documents. We will explain all of the options to you and confirm the fee and processing times for your order. Having spoken to one of our team we will proceed with the order immediately or instruct you to complete the order form available online form.

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