List of Embassies we work with

Legalising documents requires an in-depth knowledge of the submission process. Understanding which documents embassies will accept, what additional paperwork is required, how to make payment, and how best to present documents makes our service invaluable to many customers.

 Using a professional document attestation service saves both time and money by streamlining the handling of documents.

 We work with many of the embassies, high commissions and consular departments in London. You will find a list below of the services we offer

 Totally Inclusive Service!

 We take care of the entire process. Simply send us your documents and save yourself a lot of trouble and time.

 Simple ordering. Just send your document to us with the order form

  • Genuine South African documents processed quickly - Frequently legalised documents
  • ALL handling charges and administration costs included
  • ALL disbursements, included

 We understand that legalising documents for use abroad can be complicated. We are here to make your life easier. Do not hesitate to contact us for help or advice.

It is important to note that all processing times are estimates. They are provided as guidance only and are not a guaranteed processing time.

When legalising documents many factors are beyond our control including document checks, contacting solicitors and signatories, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the embassy itself. Documents are scheduled for processing wherever possible to reduce processing times for all of our customers.

Please be assured that we work to complete orders as quickly as possible.

Afghanistan Embassy (Afghan Embassy)

Algerian Embassy

 Angolan Embassy

 Consulate General of Brazil

 Chilean Embassy

 Chinese Embassy

 Cuban Consulate

 Dominica High Commission 

 Egyptian Embassy

 Ethiopian Embassy

 Embassy of Guatemala

 Indonesian Embassy

 Iraqi Embassy

 The Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

 Kuwait Embassy

 Embassy of Lebanon

 Libyan Embassy

 Malaysian High Commission

 Moroccan Consulate

Mozambique Consulate

 Pakistan High Commission

 Palestine Embassy

 Peru Embassy

 Philippine Embassy

 Qatar Embassy

 Saudi Embassy

 Sri Lanka High Commission

 Sudan Embassy

 Taiwan Embassy

 Royal Thai Embassy

 Tunisian Embassy

 Turkish Consulate

 Embassy of Turkmenistan

 United Arab Emirates Embassy (UAE)

 Uruguay Embassy

 The Embassy of Uzbekistan

 Venezuelan Embassy

 The Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

 Yemen Embassy

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Notary Services

Apostille Certificate Services

Document Authentication Services (No Hague Countries)

Embassy Attestation Services

  • Apostille Academic Qualifications
  • Apostille Birth Certificates
  • Apostille Death Certificate
  • Apostille Divorce Order
  • Apostille Incorporation Documents
  • Apostille Letter of No Impediment
  • Apostille Marriage Certificate
  • Apostille Notarised Copies
  • Apostille Police Clearance Certificate
  • Rule 63
  • Authenticate Birthe Certificates
  • Authenyticate Death Certificate
  • Authenticate Death Certificate
  • Authenticate Academic Qualifications
  • Angola Embassy Attestation
  • Chinese Embassy Attestation
  • Egypt Embassy Attestation
  • Mozambique Embassy Attestation
  • Saudi Embassy Attestation
  • UAE Embassy Attestation

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