Delivery of Legalised Documents Information


It is important that you choose the most suitable cost effective delivery method for the return of your documents.


  • We can deliver your documents anywhere in the world. Choose to have the document delivered to your home, your workplace, another business, your future employer, a family member or friend. If you are local to our office you can collect the documents in person.
  • We recommend customers choose either Overnight Express mail courier delivery or DHL for international shipments. Both of these services are supported by courier guarantees and in the unlikely event that a shipment is misplaced or lost we can assist with contacting the courier.
  • We do not have to return the document to your home address. Many customers choose return delivery to their work address to avoid missing a daytime courier delivery if selected. Alternatively we can ship your document anywhere in the world. This is popular for customers that want the document urgently sent to the authority overseas requesting the apostille from them.
  • If you would like to discuss the best delivery option for your documents please contact one our helpful advisers who will talk you through the services.
  • Delivery times quoted are estimates. Actual delivery times will vary depending on the location of the delivery, access to remote areas, regional differences in public holidays and unforeseen delays.

Delivery anywhere in the world

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Letter of no impediment to marriage legalised for foreign use

If you are planning on marrying in a foreign country then sometimes a Certificate of No Record of Marriage is fundamental. It will be necessary to plan ahead and find out if the country you are intending to marry in is a signatory country of the Hague Convention of 1961. Countries that recognize the Hague Convention of 1961 will be using a system of documentation that can afford the individual an easier paperwork process. In these countries to use the documents in question your certificate will need to be Apostilled. However, if the country that you are getting married in is not then other means will be essential. For example, the process of authentication Certificate of No Record of Marriage in a non-Hague Convention country is done on at least three different levels. Unfortunately this is a longer process.


Many names for this type of document can be found: Certificate of No Impediment, Single Statement, No Marital Status Certificate or Negative Statement of Marriage. However, it is a government document that provides information saying that a search has been conducted and no record of marriage has surfaced. This is a peculiar document in the fact that the process is not necessarily undertaken statewide; moreover, this kind of article is limited in terms of its jurisdiction. The No Record of Marriage generally operates on a more granular level; that is, in the United States of America this government record operates on the county level. For example, Florida can conduct state wide document searches; however, being that no national database exists anyone can be married in one state and show a status of non-married in another. Essentially, each state is not aware of transactions in another: one state will not have a record of even a neighboring state.


Foreign Authorities


It is advisable to follow the guidelines that certain authorities deem necessary. Those wishing to marry overseas will need special documentation. First, couples will have to present a declaration that is processed by the department of Home Affairs . On this statement will be recorded the fact that there has not be any marriage in recent years.


A special note


Please be aware that the Certificate of No Record of Marriage will probably not be accepted by some foreign countries marriage authorities that are more than three months old.


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Does a document have to be signed in the Notaries presence?

No and yes. Documents requiring acknowledgments do not need to be signed in the Notary's presence. However, the signer must appear before the Notary at the time of notarization to acknowledge that he or she freely signed for the purposes stated in the document. We however prefer you to sign or to resign the document any documents in front of the notary.

An acknowledgment certificate indicates that the signer personally appeared before the Notary, was identified by the Notary, and acknowledged to the Notary that the document was freely signed.

On the other hand, documents requiring a jurat must indeed be signed in the Notary's presence, as dictated by the typical jurat wording, "Subscribed (signed) and sworn to before me..."

In executing a jurat, a Notary guarantees that the signer: personally appeared before the Notary, was given an oath or affirmation by the Notary, and signed in the Notary's presence. In addition, even though it may not be a statutory requirement that the Notary positively identify a signer for a jurat, it is always a good idea to do so.

Contact us for a detailed explanation of the process, time frames and costs. If your requirements are complicated or you are experiencing difficulty in following the procedures outlined on this web page, request assistance by contacting us.

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Legalisation of South African Birth Certificate

Document: Birth Certificate

Processing time: Normally completed in 1 to 2 working days.


South-African birth certificates normally need to be legalised by means of an apostille or authentication certificate when registering a birth in another country or proving your identity.


There are two versions of birth certificates:

Abridged Birth Certificate -

Unabridged Birth Certificate -


We recommend when possible you always legalise Unabridged Birth Certificate. We can even legalise the original Unabridged birth certificate.


The legalisation of South-African birth certificates usually takes 1 to 2 days.

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